What are the Beauty Tips for Girls?

What are the Beauty Tips for Girls?

Ans- Well, as girls its natural for us to feel pretty.

Since there are a lot of beauty tip questions I decided to put up some good tips.

Beauty Tips for Girls

Beauty Tips for Girls






1. Put lotion on your hands and feet at night

  1. Wear gloves and socks to sleep.
  2. Wake up wih super soft hands and feet!
  3. Lightly brush your lips with a toothbrush and put vaseline for soft lips.

    5. Wash off your shampoo/conditioner with cold water for shiny hair,

    6. Use tooth paste on any zits to make the swelling go down and make it less red

    7. Uuse a small handful of regular white sugar. Just lather up your face with a cleanser, then scrub in the sugar using your finger tips in small circular motions

    8. Apply beaten egg yolk to your face and let dry for 10 minutes, then rinse to soften your skin and minimize pores,

    9. Heat your normal curler under a hairdryer before using it. If you have dry cuticles, rub them with lip balm

    10. A great way to make your perfume last is by spraying it into your hands and rubbing it on your hair. your hair doesn’t sweat so the scent will last all day

    11. Put a metal spoon into ice cold water and press it gently against your eyes to get rid of annoying eyebags,

    12.  Apply darker eyeliner on the outer corner of your eyes and brighter eyeliner on the innercorner of your eyes for bigger eyes,

    14. Put clear lip gloss in the middle of ur lips to make lips bigger.

    15. Wash your hair at night and braid them while it’s wet to make beautiful temporary curls.

    16. Rub a dry body brush in circular motions on your stomach and legs everyday before you shower. This increases the circulation in you body and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    17. Roll the mascara brush as your putin it on, it avoids clumps

    18. Soak cloth with hot water then put over face for 10 minutes. Then quickly put a cleanser over your face. Leave on for 3-4 minutes then wash with ice cold water. This will open your pores, clean them, and then close them.

    19. Stick your thumb in your mouth, and then slowly pull it out after applying lipstick. This removes any lipstick from the inside rim of your lips so you don’t get lipstick on your teeth.

    20.  To minimize the appearance of a pimple, hold ice on it for two minutes. It brings the swelling and redness down.

    21. Add a tiny bit of honey and some water in the palm of your hand and spread it across your face, avoiding the T zone.

    22. Dont bite the skin around your nails, this causes your nails to look bigger

    23. If you have big lips, use muted colours such as purples, browns and bronzes.
    If you have small lips, avoid dark colours.

    24. After you have done all your makeup, take some shimmery white eyeshadow and put a tiny bit on the inner corners or your eyes.

    25. Everynight an hour before you go to bed, drink 3/4 of a pint of water mixed with 1/4 of a pint of lemon juice. Once you are done, drink a glass of ice water, then go pee. This will help clear your complexion.

    26. Mix honey and milk until it’s creamy for an overall glow n radiance to your face. Wash your face with hot water to open pores.

    27. To remove blackheads, steam for 5 mins and exfoliate immediately.

    28. Rub vaseline on your eyelashes every night. Smear it in between every single lash and all around your lash line. Blowing on your nail polish to dry them decreases shine and dulls them. Instead, soak your nails in ice water after your done and if you must, use your blowdryer on low, cool setting just to blow off the water. Now don’t touch anything!

    29. Pour a tablespoonful of honey into a small bowl. Add two teaspoons of sugar and mix well. Now scoop up all of the mixture with your fingers and massage well into your hands for a few minutes.

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