Mantra for Moon-Introduction and Meaning

Mantra for Moon-Introduction and Meaning

Chand Sitaron Ki Raat

Chand Sitaron Ki Raat


The Moon governs chest, breast, water, blood, veins, eye, generative system etc. When the Moon is afflicted one suffers from urinary infection, dropsy, colitis, bronchitis, varicose, veins and general abdominal problems. If Moon is afflicted one can try the following Mantra Reciting of “Chandra Mantra” will improve your health.


Recite the following Mantra everyday in the morning or on every Monday


It should be done for 11,000 times. MANTRA

“Daghishang khatusarabham srirodarnvasibbham, Narnami shashinam som shabbormukutabhusnam”

MEANING OF ABOVE MANTRA I Pray to Moon God, whose complexion is as white as curd and a very pleasing character. I bow to the Moon God who is divine idol, born from the churning of Ocean of Milk, and who is placed on the head of Lord Shiva.
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