Exaltation –Strong Position of a Planet in Astrology

Exaltation –Strong Position of a Planet in Astrology

Strong Position of a Planet in Astrology

Strong Position of Planets in Astrology

The term used to describe a planet that is placed in its sign of exaltation, the sign, other than its one of dignity, in which it functions most smoothly, greater than normal in degree or intensity, because of the harmonious relationship between planet and sign.

The planets are exalted as follows:

    1. Sun in Aries

    2. Moon in Taurus

    3. Mars in Capricorn

    4. Mercury in Virgo

    5. Jupiter in Cancer

    6. Venus in Pisces

    7. Saturn in Libra

    8. Rahu in Taurus

    9. Ketu in Scorpio

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