Branches of Vedic Astrology

Branches of Vedic Astrology

Indian Astrology-Vedic Astrology

Indian Astrology-Vedic Astrology

Astrology has three main branches

    1. Siddhant
    2. Samhita
    3. Hora


It deals primarily with astronomy and how it is used with astrology.


Samhita deals with day to day activities like what is happening around the world, wars, political matters or events related to nature etc.


It is a Predictive Astrology which further has branches which are :

Jaatak Shastra – It deals with individual horoscopes.

Muhurat Astrology-  It is used to decide best time to do something. It is based on your birth chart.

Swar Shastra – It is Phonetical Astrology based on names and sounds.

Prashna – It is Horary Astrology in which a question is answered based on a chart for the time and place it was asked.

Kabala – Commonly known as Numerology, it tells the relation between numbers and humans.

Nadi Astrology – It is a science of reading a person’ past, present and future lives based on writings by ancient hindu sages.

Tajik Shastra It is an annual horoscope based on annual solar returns.

NastjaatakamIt is lost horoscopy which is used to reconstructing lost horoscopes.

Streejaatak – It is a branch of astrology which deals with matters related to females. Vedic Astrology vs. Western astrology.

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